Simple and easy to use mapping solution

Bidofi is a simple, easy, yet versatile mapping solution that brings your data to life

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Tell any story with your data

Bidofi allows you to quicky create interactive maps with your data to tell a story through visualisation and connections

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Add details and nuance to your stories

Add as many details as possible to a location to better inform, understand and infere coherent and important information. Allow users to explore and act on this information.

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Share anywhere

Automatically generate and share responsive and interactive maps on your website, social media, or send a link via email.

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No need for special skills

Turning your raw data into an interactive map is easier than you think.

Simple and fast

Bidofi made map creation process simple so you can quickly and easily create interactive maps

Beautiful presentation

Go further by integrating your maps into rich presentations to provide more details and explanations

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