• Manual way

Click on the second icon on the right of your map

Fill the blank 1 to change or add the title of your map and the 2 to change or add a description to your map and click on “Continue”


If you want to edit, delete a location attribute, or change his type click there

To delete an attribute click on this icon

Now click on the dropdown icon to add a new attribute , to edit an attribute and a type

Then click on “Add a new bouton” to add a new attribute or “Continue”

The next page will allow you to edit the data of your location. Just click on the dropdown (1) next to it to be allowed to edit the data and click on the basket (2) to delete a location.

If you want to add a new location click on “Add a new location”, then on “Add manualy”


Don’t forget to click on “Save” when you’re done.

  • Automatic way

Also on the same page, click on “Add another location” and select “Upload a CSV file” to import your file.

After importation, click on the button “ok” you’ll see on the pop-up

Choose the type of your attributes by clicking on “Type”


Click on continue to validate

When you see the “update” badge, it means that your card has been updated, so save it.