The customization feature allows you to change the template of a map, the color of popups, buttons, bar left and links.

  • Start by clicking on this icon on the dashboard

After clicking on the icon you’ll be redirect on a page where you’ll see on your left “Pop-up” “Primary button” “Secondary button” so and so fourth

  • Pop-ups

If you want to customize your pop-ups click on the pop-up box

Then click on the dropdown to change the colors of the background

After that, click on the color zone to select a color or add your own rgb code

Now, click on “choose” to validate your choice

When done, scroll down and click on “save the visualization”.

  • Primary button, second button, bar left, link

The process for changing the color of buttons, bar left and link are the same as for Popups

  • Other styles

If you want to customize your map by adding your own Css syle, click on “Advanced options”


Then, just write your code here and save

  • Template of the Map

If you want to change the template of your map, click on “Advanced options”

Now click on the map of your choice by dropping left or right

Don’t forget to save..

Customizing your map also means assigning colors to your markers, changing their shapes and adding images to the locations.

-To add an image to your marker

You can choose to assign an image to your marker when you create your map or choose to assign an image after you create your map.

In both cases, you will have to come or go back to the step where you add the data on the map and click on the button “Upload an image”.

Click on the button “choose an image” then select an image on your computer and validate by saving.