Getting Started

Welcome to Bidofi! This page will show you how to create your first visualization.

Understanding guides

Bidofi offers you mapping tool which allows you to create a visual representation of your data. Create a visualization of your data provide you information that are easy to understand, you may not know it, but the brain can process and interpret information more easily when it is represented in image form than when it is represented in text form

Create visualization with data mapping tool

  • Visit and click the ‘Try it for free’ button
  • Fill in the form and click the Submit button
  • Don’t forget to activate your account in your mail
  • For your first connection you’ll be redirected to this page, click on ‘create a visualization’
  • Now you can create

Manual way

  • Click on ‘Start from scratch

  • Click on the icon on your right
  • Delimit the area where you want to create a visualization on
  • Validate the position of your markor
  • After that you can start giving a name to your visualization, choose the types of your variables and fill the boxes

If you ending add all your data you can save your visualization to share with any audience or embed it on your website

Second possibility : by uploading a CSV files

  • Click on ‘Upload location list
  • Click on ‘Upload CSV files
  • Import the files from your laptop
  • After importing the file, choose a type for each of your variables that are not recognized by the application.
  • Click on “Continue” to generate the visualization corresponding to this CSV file.
  • Now You can start sharing your visualization with any audience by using the link that will be generated when you click on “share”.

Also if you want to integrate your visualization into your website, click on “embed”, copy and paste it into your code.